Mariana Amatullo (Designmatters DESIS Lab) was present at the Cumulus Kalmar Conference on June 7/2013, on behalf of DESIS thematic cluster: Informal, Formal, Collaborative: Designing in Underserved Communities.

The DESIS thematic cluster presentations occurred at the end of the 2nd day of the conference programming and were very well attended: it was a full room that was animated with full size printed posters for each cluster on the side walls; presentations ranged about 5 to 7 minutes and were given by one representative of each cluster. Clusters covered were the thematic and regional ones and the spectrum again varied from initiatives that have been in the works for a couple of years to new ones. It is in this context that the IFC cluster presentation was done.

Below is possible to download the slides sent by cluster participants to the presentation at Kalmar, assembled with new slides, sent later.

The slides present, together, an overview of the participants local contexts and specific research interests in the overall cluster theme.