IFC thematic cluster begins its activities inviting participants to build and share a case collection.

It aims at mapping a range of interesting existing initiatives (in terms of local experiences and projects) related to the topic.

The case collection activity will be managed on “rounds”. Through these rounds it will be possible increase knowlegde exchange in shorter periods, allowing partners to share concepts and to align its respective views on the research issues proposed by the IFC thematic cluster.

The proposed deadline of each round will be sent by mail to cluster participants.

The format for the case collection is presented below.

The documentation of the case includes the following files.

1. DOC FORMAT: a document containing the text description of the case.
Download the Case template (text) for DESIS cluster IFC
2. PPT FORMAT: a ppt on which the case is described in 5 slides (and 5 photos);
Download the Case template (ppt) for DESIS cluster IFC (example)
3. HIGH-RES PHOTOS: the same 5 photos used in the PPT FORMAT in a high-resolution version.

The case documentation (text, ppt and high-res file) should be sent to: cases@desis-ifc.org