La Pintana’s Municipality /Santiago (Metropolitan Region) – Chile

/ Context:

SENAME’s Residence is located in a commune with high rate of poverty and vulnerable community. They get subvention from SENAME equivalent to 60% of total expenses, and are supposed to get the rest by raising funds. As they can’t afford business staff for this, 60% become 100%, which means that some needs/standards aren’t attended and therefore their motivation decline because of these lack or resources.  This community needs to empower their members by co-creating new ways of doing/getting things thanks to their own management efforts/capabilities. This means every member of the community should be part of this “new treat”, working together to improve their own quality of life, especially the children’s.

/ Summary of the initiative:

To improve the quality of life and self-management of a community composed by 40 children (damaged in their rights), founders, psychologists, social workers & administrative staff, by co-creating with them their spaces, activities, and decision making for better management.

The objective is to co-create/promote new ways/capabilities of self-management for fund-raising that help to improve required standard and create more/better opportunities and development for both, children and staff, where they can express themselves, share with their whole community and, therefore, increase their sense of belonging.

/ Collaborative value:

This case can be defined as collaborative because our students/teachers team (Duoc UC), children & staff have been active participants in the process, design decisions, and future implementation of main solutions.

The case require interpersonal relational qualities between participants because we needed to make them trust on us, our team required also new skills for fund-raising and co-creating with others: their community, thus, everyone contributes to final solution or new management model.

/ More:

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