Palermo, Colombia

/ Context:

The Caribbean region is an area with a large number of displaced people reported in the last decade. In informal settlements like Villa Clarín, self-builds is the common response for housing problems when displaced from rural or urban formal settlements, most of the time made in an emergency, eclectic and circumstantial way.

/ Case idea:

The creation of a clear and simple self-instructional guide to house building, to be used by current and future inhabitants of Villa Clarín, through a variety of design methodologies was studied and developed jointly with the community, the design took into account the purchasing power of the community, their skills, the resources found in the environment, climate conditions, among others.

/ Summary of the initiative:

The case promoters are the Universidad del Norte, and Univoluntarios. The project’s objective is to create a platform for interaction among the community in the exercise of communicate good practices of self-build housing applied to specific land conditions and opportunities in the environment lowering environmental impact of waste, which can be harnessed to improve the quality of life of its inhabitants. Finally provide new tools for collaborative work in search of most efficient solutions to day by day problems.

/ Collaborative value:

It is envisaged that the construction of ideas about the dwelling modes are part of a social process, in which the fundamental determinations are taken by the subjects themselves through their participation in individual and collective daily decisions.

In this case is created a new collaborative relationship to self-build housing from elements that are available to the community, changing the mentality from individual to collective, in order to improve the quality of life of every member of the community through more efficient solutions.


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