Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

/ Case idea:

It is a service for tourist hosting and guiding in favelas (slums).  Foment tourism in favelas’ areas, provide cultural interchange, deconstruct prejudices and generate income for the residents.

/ Context:

There was no organized service for hosting in the slums with the own residents. Very few residents with know-how to administrate a home guest account on platforms such as airbnb. There was no link as well with local guides or accompaniment for newcomers in such areas.  The project was developed by Elliot Rosemberg. The planning of the idea was done through several courses of business design, design thinking and management in the University of Virginia. The university, later, granted him a scholarship to develop the case in loco. After that, he participated of many start-ups competitions which awarded him some money to make the initial investment.

/ Summary of the initiative:

Tourist, especially from abroad, started to look for being hosted in the slums, to know a different version of Rio de Janeiro. But most of the service until then worked with few individuals, in an informal way, with divulgation of the service through personal contacts only. The initiative aims to establish a network for hosting tourists in the slums of Rio de Janeiro. By this, providing support in the organization of the service in terms of marketing, management of the online platforms, reception of tourists in the initial contact with the area and linking these tourists with local guides.

/ Collaborative value:

The initiative aims to break the stigma about the slums and their habitants, bring people from different backgrounds to have a cultural interchange, be they between Brazilians-Brazilians or Brazilians-foreigners.

This case works most of it based on interpersonal relations, which since the new guests come mainly based on reviews of acquaintances, now with the expansion is that tourists are starting to come based only on the website. Besides there has to be a relation of trust between the promoter and the hosts, and understand that both can profit if work together.

Above all, the only way for a tourist to have an immersive experience in the slum is engaging in personal relation with the host, which normally spends some time with the guest, showing the neighbourhood, cultural and night life and etc.

/ More:

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