Favela (Slum) Complexo da Maré, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

/ Case idea:

Da Roça is a store inside favela Complexo da Maré that sell natural products for local residents. Not all natural products are organic, but high quality and free of transgenic. The organic products come from producers who employ agroecological, organic procedures, or are organized in cooperatives.  The initiative is directed to residents of the favela and adjacent neighborhoods who wish to purchase natural and organic food products, with a fair price.  In the city of Rio de Janeiro, the sale of organic food is expensive and  consumers organized activities related to organic food are usually concentrated in the “south” area of the city – where the most expensive neighborhoods are.

/ Context:

The initiative was started up by two residents born in the favela, and a German who goes to live there, who desire to start a local food supply. It has, as a central parameter, the idea to promote better quality of life and awareness of the food production process. Therefore, Da Roça aims to promote a healthy eating.  It opens up the possibility of  exchanging ideas and experiences in this issue, so that it could promote a more harmonious individual and collective action related to food.

/ Summary of the initiative:

  • Buying is made by Internet, phone or directly from the store.
  • It is possible that groups of buyers get together to make orders.
  • The buying is made according to agriculture production.
  • It can be made weekly or monthly.
  • It is not only selling food, they sell also films and books able to promote better food consumption habits and also to pay attention on the quality of what is eaten.
  • It is possible to become a reseller in the favela. It aims to create more opportunity to promote high quality food consumption in the locality.

/ Collaborative value:

The initiative was born from the collaborative work of a group of local residents. Because of their local connections, they could mobilize people to start eating in a more natural and organic way. In addition, they establish new relations, between favela’s residents and farmers.

/ More:

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